Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

I wanted to share the Wizard of Oz birthday party I threw my daughter for her 3rd birthday party back in June.

The adorable pom-pom garland came from Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams

I had a ton of fun getting the whole family involved in this party! I made shirts for everyone so each family member was a different character from the movie.

Here is my daughter with the tin man (her brother)

Since I did the party 6 months ago, I have no clue which blogs I found some of these ideas on, so I apologize in advance for not linking back. My husband and I made a tornado for the table. He used a wire round tomato cage to make the structure. We then added a snow blanket and wrapped that around the cage. We sprayed it with a little spray paint to give it a little grayish look and added in animals and trees I got at the Dollar Tree and Michaels. I was very pleased with the outcome!

For the take home favors, I made blue gingham number 3 cookies and a small red slipper cookie.

Onto the food....

Twinkies were yellow bricks

Suckers for the Lollipop Guild

Over the rainbow candy in a cute "K" dish I got from Hoopla Events

Butterscotch haystacks for Scarecrow Stuffing

Bugles for Tornados 

Ding Dongs for Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Over the Rainbow Fruit

Glinda's PB&J Sand-WITCHES were PB&J sandwiches cut with a crown cookie cutter.

Lemonade colored green for Emerald City Punch.

I was very happy with the way the cookies turned out. Sometimes you have a picture in your head but it doesn't actually turn out like that. Thankfully these did!

I love having games and activities at the parties so we did these:

I had the kids make their own rainbow necklaces using Fruit Loops and yarn

Our first game was Scarecrow's Corn Toss. We had the kids throw ears of corn into three buckets. Their prize was birthday cake flavored popcorn.

Pin the Heart on the Tin Man was the next game. I printed a photo of the tin man and some hearts, cut them out, and glued them to a bigger board. The kids were blindfolded and had to get the hearts in the correct place. The prize was licorice hearts.

We then moved on the Cross with Courage. The kids had to cross a board lifted off the ground. The prize was animal crackers (Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh my!)

Our last game was Melt the Witch. My sister painted a witch on a board and we let the kids throw water balloons at it. The prize for this was a Witches broomstick which was a pretzel with a laffy taffy that had been rolled out, cut at the bottom, and rolled onto the bottom of the pretzel. 

The party was a blast and my daughter enjoyed it so much!! I am already planning next years party!

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