Thursday, November 15, 2012

Small Flash Giveaway

I know Halloween has already passed... but I found these little cutters and decided to pick them up for YOU! If you want a chance to win them, just leave your email address and where you are from in a comment! No reason to ask for your locations... I am just curious where my fans are located :)

I will used to choose a winner tonight around 8:00 pm cst so you don't have much time to enter!!  I will drop them in the mail tomorrow morning and hope they get to you before thanksgiving so you can use the pumpkin!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


I decided to give away two sets! Here are the numbers came up with:

Congrats to the winner! I will email you for your address! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Addition!!

I am SO happy to announce a new addition to Kookie Kreations by Kim!! Please welcome this beauty:

I got a REALLY good deal and what to share how!! Kohl's is having a sale on on the mixer right now. $449.99. I used the code HARVEST30 to get 30% off. I had $10 in Kohl's cash from a previous purchase, so I applied that to this order. You can also earn $10 Kohl's cash for every $50 you spend right now so I earned $60 in Kohl's cash that I will spend on Christmas presents. AND I am going to receive a free Ice Cream Mixer attachment after mail in rebate! A $79.99 value! I also have an account with If you have never heard of them and do a lot of online shopping you HAVE to get an account! Go here to sign up for a FREE account I have been a member since 2005 and have earned over $300 cash back for doing nothing at all! You just shop like normal, but you just have to make sure you have clicked the site link from the ebates website. I just clicked to go to the Kohl's website from the ebates site and I will earn around $10 back. 

After all the math is done, The mixer will cost me around $258 for a 6 qt. mixer!! How awesome is that?!?

Here is a link to the mixer if you would like to take a look at it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The past couple of weeks...

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic which is why I am just now getting to this blog post. I have had it in a draft for a couple of weeks now, so I just added all my recent pictures to the draft I had already started.

My church has an auction to raise money every year. Last year was my first year to be able to donate something for it. Cookies!! People seemed to like them last year, so I decided to do it again this year. I donated two trays.

These two platters were made for some ladies that gave me lots of hand me down clothes for my new baby girl. I really appreciated what they did and wanted to let them know!

I tried a new frozen yogurt place and my family and I loved it! The owner and manager were really nice, so I decided I wanted to make them a set of cookies to try to help promote their new store! You can visit their facebook page at SweetFrog Lake Charles

These were made for a vintage party. It was nice only having to mix two colors! :)

I have not posted these on my facebook page yet because I was not happy with them. I had to rush to get them done and they did not turn out like I had envisioned. They are airbrushed with three colors and then painted with gold (but is hard to be able to tell either one). I mailed them off anyway because they are for a great cause and I feel honored to be able to be a part of it. It is for the Go Bo! Foundation. Unfortunately, Bo recently lost his battle, but his message still lives on. I think it is amazing that a 13 year old boy was able to bring everyone together! Please go to the facebook page and read more about him.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope as things settle down, I will be able to keep up with my blog a little better.

Also, keep an eye on my facebook page to find out about a Christmas special I will be having! They won't be full trays of the sugar cookies, but the cookies will still be very delicious and will include a couple of sugar cookies too! I hope to have all the details in the next couple of weeks!! I will even offer the option of Santa delivering the cookies to you!! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mason's Magic Party: Part Three

The Food:
His cake is usually amazing!! We have had the same lady make it every year... until this year :( Since she wasn't able to make it this year, I decided to give it a try! Since I had to many other things to make for the party, I decided to order a cake with white icing and piping. I then took candy and cookies I had made and decorated the cake with those. It turned out pretty cute!

I tried to make the food for the party magic themed also.  

For the main entrees we had Disappearing Dogs (Hot dogs), Abracadabra PB and Alakazam PB&J (Peanut butter and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches cut in the shape of a bunny head with a cookie cutter), Hocus Pocus Nachos, and Shazam Chili. 

I also made food tags for each item. Here are a few:

I had a small veggie tray (rabbit food) and Magic Snack Mix. I made this mix by combining pretzels, cheerios, baby goldfish, peanuts, and m&ms. You could throw in or omit anything you want.

I also wanted to do chocolate cupcake since the cake was white. I made Rabbit in the Hat Cupcakes. I will be posting a tutorial on how to make these soon.

The other desserts I had were Magic wands (braided pretzels dipped in chocolate), Top hat cookies (fudge stripe cookies with a chocolate covered marshmallow on top and a twizzler pull and peel around the bottom), and Magic Rings (mini donuts made with my mini donut maker). Store bought donuts could also be used but I wanted an excuse to pull out my maker ;). 

We also had magic potion to drink (lemonade).

We had almost 80 people RSVP to say they were coming to the party, but ended up only having about 1/3 of them show up. Needless to say we had A LOT of leftovers. My poor family was sick of nachos and hotdogs after about day 3. I didn’t want the leftovers to go to waste, so I decided to change things up a bit. I boiled some noodles and put them in a large Pyrex dish. I mixed the cheese and the chili with the noodles. I cut up some of the weenies and mixed those in as well. I prepared 2 boxes of cornbread and poured that over the top then baked it until golden brown. My family really like it and was happy to not have the same thing they had been eating for days! 

How about I end with one more picture of my cuties!!

Thanks for reading!! I will have one more part with my first tutorial on how to make the rabbit in the hat cupcakes! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mason's Magic Party: Part 2

The Costumes, Games, and Activities

The parties I like to plan for him take a while to put together. I usually start preparing around April, but that didn't happen this year because of the pregnancy. I still managed to get everything together in time though. I always design the invitation in Photoshop and always include a picture of him. I decided to include the "rabbit" this year too.

I always like for him to "dress the part" at his parties and this year was no different. I ordered a cape, wand, and gloves (which we forgot to put on for the picture). The hat is one that I had ordered also but I will get to that in a little bit. The cape, wand, and gloves were all ordered from Amazon. 

If you don't want to have to buy everything separate, you can just purchase a costume like this one:

I had an extra little one and she couldn't be left out! I decided she would be the rabbit so I bought a onesie, piece of pink felt, and a big pompom from Hobby Lobby. I cut the felt and sewed it on the belly. I then sewed the pompom on the bottom area of the onesie. She also had a crochet hat with ears, but since it was hot we just put a bow in her hair. 

If making costumes aren't your thing but you would like for your kids to dress the part, try this costume:

I like to do games and let the kids win prizes that match the theme. This year I decided to do three games:

Pin the wand on the magician. 

They won wands at this game. I printed a 16x20 photo of my son from Sam's Club (cost was around $6) and taped in on a foam board. I made wands out of photo paper and cut them in strips. I then put painters tape on the back so they could easily be reused. The wands were also homemade. I bought some packs of dowel rods at Michael's. I painted them black and let that dry. I then put a piece of painters tape about 3/8 from the end and painted the ends white. Thirty of these wands cost less than $10 to make. 

The second game was Pull the Rabbit out the Hat. 

I had a top hat left over from a Halloween costume last year so I filled it with random small toys from my son's toy box. I made sure to also include a small rabbit. I covered the hat with a black dish towel. The kids had to feel around and find the rabbit without looking. They won a hat at this game. The hats can be ordered from Oriental Trading

Magic Match was the last game.

I just used 6 playing cards and had them flip them over until they found a match. They won a bag of  "Magic Trix". I just filled a sandwich bag with Trix cereal and attached a tag to the bag.

I always like to have some sort of craft project at the party also. This year I decided to combine the craft project with the favors. I made "coloring book cookies". I iced a cookie with white icing and drew a picture of a rabbit coming out of the hat with a black edible marker. The kids were able to color the outlined cookies with food coloring markers. I then bagged each cookie and attached a bag topper.

 What is a magic party without a magic show???

My husband put on a magic show for everyone with the magic kit I ordered from Amazon. I also ordered a cape and gloves for him from Amazon, but you could get them from anywhere. For example, this cape would be awesome and then could be used for Halloween:
Vampire Cape
It is a little expensive, but they always have sales!

Next up... Part Three: The Food

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mason's Magic Party: Part 1

The Cookies:

It's hard to believe that my son is now four years old!! He is very excited to be four now... me... not so much! I tell him I don't want him to grow up and his response is "but I HAVE to". He sure is a smart little fella :)

Here are the cookies that I made for his party:

I wanted to make sure I had a variety! There are about 150 of them on this tray. I also had other treats with cookies, so his party was not short on cookies at all!

Here are some of them a little closer:
Thank you Sweet Sugarbelle for the top hat cutter! You are awesome! :)

Wanted to use my new airbrush machine so I wanted these to look like the invitation.

This little guy was the product of two cutters. A bunny head cutter from Wilton and a top hat cutter sent to me by Sweet Sugarbelle

I am going to blog the whole party, but it will be done in multiple posts. Stay tuned for the next post: The Costume, Games, and Activities! 

Friday, August 31, 2012


Things have been a little crazy around my house lately! Last weekend was my baby's baptism and this weekend will be my son's 4th birthday party! I lost two days of running errands because we had a hurricane come really close to us, but everything turned out to be okay. My nephew had his birthday party on the 19th. It was on a ship that you can play laser tag on. When asked to make cookies for favors, I had no idea what to do... then I finally decided on a vest and gun. I used my airbrush for the first time on this order also. I did some silver with a little black to make it look "rustic". I thought they turned out pretty good being it was my first time to ever use an airbrush!

Here is my adorable baby girl with one of the cookies at the party
This past Sunday, we were lucky enough to have a baptism for that little angel in the above photo. I wanted to make her cake (not sure what made me decide that since I have never made a cake before). I was pleased with the way it turned out, just not overly pleased. My icing roses were sliding off, but it was still edible!
The top layer is all cookies!
Here are the cookies I came up with for her baptism.
And I had to do a special one to thank our priest for doing the baptism for us!
This weekend will be spent working on the magician cookies for my son's party! Check back next week to see those cookies!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Play With Your Food Collaborative Project

I was lucky enough to be able to be a part of a project with an amazing group of cookiers! 
This project was organized by the awesome Oh, Sugar! Events. Thank you Angela for allowing me to be a part of this.
I was able to get a sneak peak at all of these cookies, and each and every one of them blew my mind!
Word Search and Cross Word by Palestine Painted Cookie
Cards and Poker Chips by Mt. Lookout Sweets
Paper Dolls by Arty McGoo
Words With Friends by The Cookie Countess
Miss Pac-Man by Flour-de-Lis
Hungry Hungry Hippos by Cupookie
Marble Maze by Oh, Sugar! Events
Twister by Jill FCS
Dominoes by Sweet Dough
Wooly Willy by Oh, Sugar! Events
Fisher-Price Classics by SugarBelle
Horseshoes, Jacks, Marbles, Pick Up Sticks by Sweet Hope Cookies
Scrabble by Flour Box Bakery
Candy Land by Life's A Batch
Pin The Tail On The Donkey by Sweet Tweets

Circle, circle, dot, dot now you have your cooties shot!! Okay.... now you are safe to see my cookies a little closer.

See... didn't I tell you they were amazing?!? PLEASE go check out each of their pages!! You will not be disappointed!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's good to be back

It feels good to be able to do some cookies again! Since I have been "back" I have made two sets. I made these for a little girls 10th birthday. They were made to match her cake. Cell phones with "text lingo" were also specifically requested. They were my first set of cookies since around February.

This past week I worked on cookies for a Emma's first birthday. She loves Minnie mouse so that is what her theme was. Emma expected lots of guest, so I made lots of cookies for her. I wanted to make sure everyone was able to enjoy them!

Happy Birthday Emma! Hope your day was wonderful!!