Friday, August 31, 2012


Things have been a little crazy around my house lately! Last weekend was my baby's baptism and this weekend will be my son's 4th birthday party! I lost two days of running errands because we had a hurricane come really close to us, but everything turned out to be okay. My nephew had his birthday party on the 19th. It was on a ship that you can play laser tag on. When asked to make cookies for favors, I had no idea what to do... then I finally decided on a vest and gun. I used my airbrush for the first time on this order also. I did some silver with a little black to make it look "rustic". I thought they turned out pretty good being it was my first time to ever use an airbrush!

Here is my adorable baby girl with one of the cookies at the party
This past Sunday, we were lucky enough to have a baptism for that little angel in the above photo. I wanted to make her cake (not sure what made me decide that since I have never made a cake before). I was pleased with the way it turned out, just not overly pleased. My icing roses were sliding off, but it was still edible!
The top layer is all cookies!
Here are the cookies I came up with for her baptism.
And I had to do a special one to thank our priest for doing the baptism for us!
This weekend will be spent working on the magician cookies for my son's party! Check back next week to see those cookies!


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