Monday, September 10, 2012

Mason's Magic Party: Part 2

The Costumes, Games, and Activities

The parties I like to plan for him take a while to put together. I usually start preparing around April, but that didn't happen this year because of the pregnancy. I still managed to get everything together in time though. I always design the invitation in Photoshop and always include a picture of him. I decided to include the "rabbit" this year too.

I always like for him to "dress the part" at his parties and this year was no different. I ordered a cape, wand, and gloves (which we forgot to put on for the picture). The hat is one that I had ordered also but I will get to that in a little bit. The cape, wand, and gloves were all ordered from Amazon. 

If you don't want to have to buy everything separate, you can just purchase a costume like this one:

I had an extra little one and she couldn't be left out! I decided she would be the rabbit so I bought a onesie, piece of pink felt, and a big pompom from Hobby Lobby. I cut the felt and sewed it on the belly. I then sewed the pompom on the bottom area of the onesie. She also had a crochet hat with ears, but since it was hot we just put a bow in her hair. 

If making costumes aren't your thing but you would like for your kids to dress the part, try this costume:

I like to do games and let the kids win prizes that match the theme. This year I decided to do three games:

Pin the wand on the magician. 

They won wands at this game. I printed a 16x20 photo of my son from Sam's Club (cost was around $6) and taped in on a foam board. I made wands out of photo paper and cut them in strips. I then put painters tape on the back so they could easily be reused. The wands were also homemade. I bought some packs of dowel rods at Michael's. I painted them black and let that dry. I then put a piece of painters tape about 3/8 from the end and painted the ends white. Thirty of these wands cost less than $10 to make. 

The second game was Pull the Rabbit out the Hat. 

I had a top hat left over from a Halloween costume last year so I filled it with random small toys from my son's toy box. I made sure to also include a small rabbit. I covered the hat with a black dish towel. The kids had to feel around and find the rabbit without looking. They won a hat at this game. The hats can be ordered from Oriental Trading

Magic Match was the last game.

I just used 6 playing cards and had them flip them over until they found a match. They won a bag of  "Magic Trix". I just filled a sandwich bag with Trix cereal and attached a tag to the bag.

I always like to have some sort of craft project at the party also. This year I decided to combine the craft project with the favors. I made "coloring book cookies". I iced a cookie with white icing and drew a picture of a rabbit coming out of the hat with a black edible marker. The kids were able to color the outlined cookies with food coloring markers. I then bagged each cookie and attached a bag topper.

 What is a magic party without a magic show???

My husband put on a magic show for everyone with the magic kit I ordered from Amazon. I also ordered a cape and gloves for him from Amazon, but you could get them from anywhere. For example, this cape would be awesome and then could be used for Halloween:
Vampire Cape
It is a little expensive, but they always have sales!

Next up... Part Three: The Food

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