Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun with Oreos

I know it has been a month since Christmas, but when I had this idea this morning... I just had to share! I had found quite a few packs of holiday Oreos on sale after Christmas and I bought all I had found since my family loves them. Needless to say... we still have a few packs of Christmas Oreos at my house. While I was decorating cookies this morning, my son was eating a few and a light bulb when off in my head! There are already deigns on the Oreos so why not use that as a pattern and decorate the Oreo with icing! Here are the four designs that were in the pack:

Here are the same four decorated with royal icing:

If you don't have a recipe for royal icing, one can be found on my friend Sweet Sugarbelle's blog.

These only took a few minutes to do since the design was already there!

I know of two other times of the year they produce holiday Oreos... Spring and Halloween. 

Don't let the designs limit you though!! With Valentine's Day coming up, you could pipe hearts, lips, "X" & "O", etc. The possibilities are endless!!