Saturday, June 29, 2013

Proposal cookies

I had the honor to make cookies to help my brother ask his girlfriend to marry him! This set really meant a lot to me and I was please with the way they turned out.

It was actually my brothers birthday so I told his girlfriend I was making cookies for him as his gift. She helped me think of things he likes so I told her I would turn them into cookies. I told her to come look at them right before he was going to start opening his gifts... and when she opened the box she found these instead of golf, cooking, and LSU cookies

I thought I was really clever with the "Will you marry me?" cookie :)

Since the cookies didn't allow her to say no... she said yes! ;)

We made her give her answer using the cookies

The lace cookies were made using a technique from my friend Sweet Sugarbelle and I thought the technique was a perfect fit for these cookies!! 

I see lots of cookies in the future for this couple! :)

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