Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Well... being full time is great!

Well... doing cookies full time is awesome, but it doesn't leave me much time to keep up with my blog! I will try to make sure I update once a week or so. Here is what I have done since my last post:

:Ava had two birthday parties. One was a vintage garden theme:
 and the other was a beach theme
 My husband made this ladybug cutter for me. I love it!
 These were done for my mom's coworkers.
 These cookies were for a Keller Williams open house with The Par Group

 These were for Lillian's bee themed first birthday. I love how the bee turned out. It looks like a baby bee :)
 These platter was for clients of Cajun Ben's alligator products. They said clients were thrilled to get them!
 These were made to give a daycare on the last day the kids were there.
 Princess/Super hero party
 Jonah's first birthday Luau
 These were done for Anya's birthday. She got a cell phone and gets to wear make up to school so her mom wanted the cookies to represent that
 Turtles and little cheese pizzas! 
These were for my friend Nichole's birthday

My son's birthday party is this weekend, so I will soon have a lot more pictures to show you. Happy Tuesday!! 


  1. Fabulous cookies! Your hubby is talented. I adore that ladybug cutter. Can't wait to see the birthday pics.