Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mason's MASA Party

Well... my baby boy turned FIVE last week! Where has the time gone?!? We decided that his party should have an astronaut/outer space theme. While browsing ideas online, my husband and I thought it would be really cool if we used the NASA logo, but changed it to MASA (Mason's Aeronautics & Space Adventure).

I had Kajum Monograms make shirts with this logo on it for my children, husband, and I. Here is my little fireball modeling hers

I made cookies and his cake this time! It was my first time working with fondant and my third cake overall. I think it came out pretty good and my little astronaut loved it! 

I had to try to think of food that matched the theme.. so here is what I came up with

Mars Mix: Cheerios, mini M&Ms, peanuts, goldfish, pretzel goldfish
Saturn's Rings: Mini Donuts
Space Debris: Different kinds of candy
Astronaut Strawberries: Freeze dried strawberries

My husband built a space ship of out foam board that lead into "outer space"
We hung black sheeting from the carport and taped glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces inside.

A lot of the other ideas I had came from a blog called Life Frosting. She had some awesome ideas! I had over 20 kids at the party, so I couldn't do everything she did, but the kids still loved what they received! 

When they arrived they had to check in at headquarters to receive their id badge
I got the pictures for each child off of their parents facebook page. I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone!

Next they entered through the space ship into outer space. While inside they had to collect some moon rocks. To make the moon rocks, my son and I collected and painted rocks from our driveway. They were lime green and glowed from the black light inside the black sheeting (outer space). 

Next the kids had to crawl through the black hole

I just covered a tunnel from their tent with black garbage bags. 

Lastly they had to launch the rocket

Once they completed all the steps, they received their certificate of completion

Here was the food table
We used a space ship he had gotten for Christmas as decoration as well. 

The kids received cookies as favors.

Everyone had a blast! Especially the the astronaut of the hour!! He said his party was AWESOME!!

Guess I better start planning for next year! ;)

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