Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mason's 6th Birthday

I will admit that in the past I have always chosen my son's birthday party theme. Now don't get me wrong... he usually is super excited about the theme by the time his birthday comes around but this year I let him make the decision on his own. He choose to have an Oakland Raiders and Texas A&M Aggies football themed birthday party.

If you have read my previous posts about my kids parties, then you have probably noticed I like to have fun with their invitations.... this year was no different! 

I wasn't super stoked about his choice at first because I didn't know if I would be able to do much with that theme, but I soon changed my mind. Here is what I ended up coming up with for the table. I bought turf from Lowes to use as the table cloth and brown felt from Hobby Lobby to use as the back drop. 

Our football player's entrance was through a breakthrough. We had a few technical difficulties, but after a couple tries, we finally got it to work. 
And football event isn't complete without a cute little cheerleader??

I had lots of football themed food, and if it wasn't football themed... I still made it fit with the party by naming it with football terms. 

Of course he had cookies 
I love this picture of the birthday boy with his cookies because you can see the joy in his smile! 

My friend Misty with Misty's Cake Box made his cake for me. I had planned to make it myself, but she was a lifesaver!! 

I asked her to do something a little different for the flavor of the cake. Neapolitan! It was pretty yummy!! 

What sporting event is complete without a little Gatorade?? I chose to serve this instead of punch.

I was pressed for time so I needed a simple design for favors. I decided on this since I wouldn't have to let parts dry longer than others and it matched the backdrop. 

We once again had games. We did football bingo:
(I think the adults enjoyed this more than the kids!)
The kids won bags of M&Ms

Pin the football in the goal:
I took white paint and painted football laces on the outside of chocolate pudding cups. ( I will try to do it again and take a photo to post soon)

And we had ring the goal post. The kids won a chocolate covered granola bar and I piped laces on them with white royal icing. 

Lastly... we had a 9 foot goal post. My husband and I made this and it was fairly easy to do! If you noticed in the food table photo,  we also made two smaller ones too! :)

All in all... his party was a WIN!! 

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